Raise Your Voice!

Bullying is extremely hard for a lot of people to speak up about.  There are a lot of people who get bullied everyday.

When I was in 5th grade I remember a boy named Chase who was in 8th grade. He had been getting bullied really bad and didn’t tell anyone. One day it just got so bad for him that he just gave up. His younger brother found him one day after school and he was dead. I remember going to his viewing and seeing all of the people there and thinking that probably none of them thought he was going through such a hard time. It was really hard to see how devastated his family and friends were.

Another person I know who has been bullied really bad is someone very close to me that I will keep unnamed. He went to this school and everyday he would get picked on. He was only in 5th grade. He used to get tripped in the hallway, hit, kicked, and taunted. But when his mother went to the school about it they focused on the fact that he hit one of the kids that messed with him. The mother went to the school about the same things so much that she got sick and tired of the school not doing anything about it. Then she switched her son schools. He now goes Humboldt and does much better there. At least he had a happy ending but just think about all of the other kids out the cutting, self- harming, and committing suicide. Even the kids that are getting bullied and don’t do that stuff.. they all feel hated and unwanted. All it takes is one compliment, or a smile to make their day, because you don’t know what they have going on at home or what happens to them after and outside of school.


One thought on “Raise Your Voice!

  1. I really like your last line; it is so true. People don’t always know what even their close friends are going through.

    Chase was my student when he was a 7th grader. I think about him a lot, and I wish he was getting ready to graduate this year.

    That is too bad that the school didn’t do anything to help your other friend. Whenever I know about bullying happening at school, I try to do something about it. Teachers aren’t always able to stop it though, unfortunately.

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