The University of Iowa is a college I am taking into consideration to go to when I get older and graduate high school. My mom and her brother and sister went here. It is my families college and it is always the team my grandparents are cheering for. I am hoping that Iowa has the majors I am looking for. If not I wouldn’t mind going to a different college. I would like to be some type of scientist, like a biochemist, or a biophysicist. I would feel fine going to Iowa State if Iowa did not have the majors I am looking for. IF neither of them do then I will try to find a college that does. I think college will be easier in some way but harder in other way. I obviously know that I am going to have to study so that I can get the degrees I need. It will also be harder because it is not like all of the college professors are going to tell me if I have a late assignment or something. They are just gonna be there to do there job and teach. I am glad I have some time to think about what college I want to go to and what I actually want to do because I could change my mind about this tomorrow.Iowa_Old_Capitol_IMG_3198

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